The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition
inspires people to bicycle and
advocates for a city where
everyone feels comfortable riding.


Enjoy, Engage, Empower


Our goal is to make Minneapolis a better place for bicycling in all corners of the city and support more people biking. The Coalition uses the joy and broad public benefits of bicycling to engage, empower, and mobilize grassroots and grasstops support for our work. The Coalition encourages participation in decision-making processes and uses events to reach out to potential supporters. We have a track record of success that has helped lead to new bike lanes and protected bikeways, new bike parking, hiring the first-ever Minneapolis bicycle and pedestrian coordinator, and hosting Bike Week and Open Streets Minneapolis events.

We are volunteer driven and member supported



Rendering of protected bikeways on Hennepin Ave

Bikeway and Policy Priorities

Working with our fantastic members, volunteers, and community partners, here are our priorities for bikeways and policies this year to make streets better in Minneapolis. 

Thanks to everyone who offered input in to our prioritization process--your input was very helpful and these priorities reflect what you told us should be the highest priorities--protected bikeways and work to advocate for priorities of low-income people who bicycle.

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  • Bde Maka Ska/Harriet Plan Approved With Significant Progress

    Tonight, the Park Board's Planning Committee unanimously approved a sweeping 25-year vision for improvements in the area. It comes with restoring the name Bde Maka Ska to replace Lake Calhoun, a new land bridge to connect Bde Maka Ska and Isles over Lake Street, and much more. Here's some details.

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    What the heck is CLIC?

    cbr.jpgCLIC stands for Capital Long-Range Improvement Committee. CLIC is made up of 33 resident representatives appointed by City Council Members (two per ward) and the Mayor (seven at-large members). The job of CLIC is to review projects brought to us by City of Minneapolis departments as part of the City’s five-year capital budget, and to then make recommendations for funding to the City Council and the Mayor based on a number of criteria.

    I’ve served on CLIC for a few years now as a Ward 2 appointee, and it’s been an incredible insight into how the city uses citizen input to help guide the budgeting process for our long-term capital projects. It’s also meant I’ve gotten to see a lot of cool photos of people standing inside massive sewer and storm tunnels - though I haven’t been invited to see one in person yet (though we do very infrequently get tours of facilities built with capital funds).

    My hope with this blog post (and a few more) is to give a deeper dive into the process, challenges I’ve seen with how the CLIC process functions, and then highlights (or low-lights) of the coming capital budget.

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