I Want to Make My Street Better

We all want to make our streets better, safer places. Learn who to contact for common streets issues and who is responsible for streets below.

Remember: the most important thing you can do is show up and be heard! Make sure that when you know about a project happening near you, that you come to any meetings about it to lend your support and help make it the best it can be!

If you have any ideas about how to make a street better,

we recommend that you call the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition first


We can let you know if anything is being proposed for your street already, how to get engaged,

and provide support as you pursue making your street a better space.


When do I contact 311

  • Snow in a bike lane
  • Illegal parking on street/sidewalk/bike lane
  • Potholes, damage to bike facility

Call 311 first if you have maintenance issues, or need something fixed on an existing facility or street. There's also a handy 311 smartphone app you can use to submit photos of things like parking violations or snow in bike lanes!

When do I contact 
Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition / Minneapolis Bike & Pedestrian Coordinator

  • Unsafe street
  • Something you'd like changed on a street
  • Feedback on a current or proposed project

Do you regularly ride down a street that seems unsafe, or have an intersection you're afraid of getting hit at? Give the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition a call, and we can talk about what may already be happening to fix any issues ­or connect you with resources so that you can help make your street better!

Before you can figure out how to fix a problem on your street, you have to figure out who owns the street! The city owns quiet residential streets, most downtown streets, and some other commercial streets. Hennepin County and MnDOT own mostly bigger roads (usually they will have a street sign that shows their ownership). The Park Board owns the parkways.

Who to contact:

For City streets: Local City Council member, City Public Works staff. Find your Council Member here.

For County streets: County Public Works staff, local County Commissioner. Find your County Commissioner here.

For Park Board parkways: Park Board staff, local Park Board member. Find your Park Board Commissioner here.

For MnDOT streets/highways: MnDOT staff. Contact MnDOT here.

Top Three Tips for Advocacy

Get involved! Projects are shaped by people who show up or contact decision makers.

Be respectful and share your personal experiences.

Build a relationship with your elected officials and/or neighborhood or community organization.