Commuter Wear Survey

bike_parking.pngMy name is Briana Turnbull and I am a female cyclist and a fashion designer. When I started cycling a few years ago I was determined to try not to wear the uninspiring cycling clothes I seemed to see everywhere. For a time I wore street clothes but I always found it difficult to move my body very quickly or efficiently. My street clothes weren’t comfortable for biking and they weren’t durable enough either. After a little while I gave in and now I generally wear a combination of cycling specific clothes and other athletic attire when I commute. I usually bring a set of street clothes to change into that are appropriate for whatever event I commuted to, but this packing and changing routine is a time consuming hassle. It got me thinking about all of the things that I want to see offered in women’s bike clothing, especially commuter wear. Immediately I began to wonder what other women thought.

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Bikeways Postcard Delivery 2016

Every December the Coalition spends countless hours to prepare for an epic postcard delivery to City Council Members before the year’s end. The postcard delivery is the culmination of advocacy work done by volunteers and staff throughout the year. The postcards are signed by folks who wish to see more protected bikeways in Minneapolis, and thousands of postcards come in.

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In Case you Missed it: ThanksforGiving 2016

On Tuesday November 29th the Coalition hosted our annual ThanksforGiving Volunteer and Member party! Every November, we extend an invite to all of the folks that volunteered or became a member that year. The Bicycle Coalition is a volunteer run and member supported organization, and nearly all of the work that happens is done by volunteers. Open Streets, Bike Month, advocacy, rides, skillshares, happy hours, and so much more are supported by our wonderful volunteers. It’s because of YOU that the City is becoming a better place for biking and walking alike.

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