Public Hearings on Hennepin Cty Transit/Bike/Walk Funding

Hennepin County is hosting critical meetings March 20 and 21 about the potential of a new 1/2-cent sales tax to fund transportation projects in the County. Please come and share your support for new funding for biking, walking, and transit. 

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City needs to bring back narrower traffic lanes for safety

I'm guessing you probably don't think much about the width of car lanes. I can't blame you--they are just there. But right-sizing car lane widths is the cheapest and easiest way for us to improve walking, biking, and greening in our city. Here are a few details on how narrower lanes can be valuable and examples from 8th Street to Washington Ave where we can put this to use now. 

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Local Business is a Two-Way Street

38th St, looking east - Photo credit Google Street View.  

The experience of living in a city is all about learning to share a small space with a lot of people. Nobody gets exactly the city they would prefer. The very nature of diversity means that everyone's perfect city would be a little different than their neighbor's perfect city. So instead we compromise. Much of civic life depends on the act of finding solutions that work pretty well for most people, and balancing the downsides to one group against the upsides to another group.

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