2017 Bikeway and Policy Priorities

Thanks to everyone who gave their feedback on our potential 2017 bicycle priorities; we've taken your ideas and created our list of high-priority bicycle projects for 2017! Take a look at which projects we will be focusing on this year. We also have a survey for input on our pedestrian priorities for the year and will be announcing after a little more work.

Spoke Card on Bicycle

Protected Bikeway/Street/Greenway Priorities

North Minneapolis Greenway

The planned Greenway demonstration is successfully installed, Northside Greenway Council makes a recommendation for design based on meaningful and representative community input, and progress for finding funding is initiated to fulfill the community's vision.

Olson Highway protected bikeway

The project is planned in 2020 as part of Bottineau LRT, but still not finalized

3rd Ave bikeway extension

Extending the 3rd Ave S protected bikeway from downtown across the river in 2017.

Washington Ave S

Extending the planned protected bikeway from 5th Street to the U of M in 2017.

Collage of Bikes, Protected Bikeway and Meeting

Grant St W

A plan to connect 3rd Ave protected bikeway and Loring Park.

Hennepin Ave downtown

A final design for reconstructed Hennepin Ave with protected bike lanes.

Samatar Crossing

A final design for pedestrian/bike-only connection from Vikings Stadium to Cedar-Riverside.

Grand Rounds completion

The vision for this plan exists, but there is no funding yet.

Hennepin/1st NE

Plan includes protected bike lanes & pedestrian improvements. Repaving will take place in 2018.

Marshall St NE

Engagement beginning this year to build support to seek funding.

18th Ave NE

Also called the "Great Northern Bikeway" connections, the plan calls for the gaps to be closed at the connecting near 18th Ave from River to Stinson Blvd.

University Ave/4th St NE

Proposed as a protected bikeway with a timeline of construction in 2018.

15th Ave SE

Planned for a protected bikeway to be installed in 2019 with one-way protected bike lanes in each direction.

UMN projects-- 10th Ave bridge, 19th Ave S, 20th Ave S

Planned for 2019 construction to take place, typically two-way on east side of street.

Oak St SE

A plan to connect the existing protected bikeway, between Washington Ave SE and University Ave SE.

UMN Law School stairs & connection

Creating a bike connection from Washington Ave bridge by the Law School.

26th/28th Ave extension

A protected bikeway extension to Hennepin, likely for this year.

Cedar/Franklin/Minnehaha intersection

The reconstruction project will take place this year.

Hiawatha LRT extension

Plan to extend the trail between the Midtown Greenway and 32nd St.

Whittier to downtown

Either Blaisdell, Nicollet, or 1st Ave.

Midtown Greenway extension to St. Paul

A plan exists, but getting over the River is a challenge.

South Minneapolis Greenway

A concept for a greenway connecting Gold Medal Park, along 10th and 11th Ave, to Richfield, connecting a number of parks and schools.


Local Policy and Engagement Priorities

Winter Study

A study on the current level of service in the winter for bikes and peds & working to make it better.

Improve Public Works Community Engagement Process

Including creating a policy, adding community engagement specialists, expanding funding for community-based organizations, and improving public communications.

Multimodal Level of Service (LOS)

Have the City use a tool for evaluating streets that considers walking, biking, & transit too.


Work to improve stoplights for walk/bike (timing, buttons, etc.).

Public realm greening policy

Supporting better greening near sidewalks & bikeways.

Community engagement work

Working with the City to improve their engagement process.

Protected Bikeway on Bridge

Curbside use policy

Policy around drop-offs, taxis, delivery trucks, etc.

Policy around parking in bike lanes

Policy & enforcement around parking/stopping in bike lanes.

Construction detour policy for bike and walk sidewalk access

Ensuring a proper detour policy for bike lanes and sidewalk access.

City funding and support for bike encouragement

Also includes education and infrastructure.

School policy around Safe Routes to School

Encouraging school policies that support Safe Routes to School.

City Bike and Walk Platinum Status

Pursuing “Platinum Status” for Minneapolis to be a Bike and Walk Friendly Community.

Lowering speed limits

Lowering car speed limits on local streets.

Enforcement (reduce racial profiling)

Reducing racial profiling in enforcement.

Engaging and serving people with low-income who ride bikes

Hennepin County “Enhanced Bikeway” Plan

Plan will identify priority protected bikeways & other "enhanced" routes; work planned for 2017.

Increase Hennepin County funding for biking and walking

Upgrading protected bikeways from flexible plastic posts to planters, curbs, and more substantial protection from car traffic.


State Policy Priorities

State Transportation Bill

Include dedicated bike/ped funding in any new bill.


Other Bike Lane and Street Priorities

Golden Valley Rd N

2018 repaving project, with engagement occurring in 2017.

Lyndale Ave

Bike lanes near Camden Bridge as part of the 2018 repaving project.

Thomas/Queen Ave N

Installation of a bicycle boulevard.

Emerson/Freemont Ave N

Installation of protected bike lanes & pedestrian improvements, planned for 2018.

2nd St N loop

Work to get bike lanes added.

8th St SE

Project stretches from Central Ave NE to 15th Ave NE as part of a 2017 resurfacing project.

Bike boulevard crossing at Hennepin Ave/5th St

Improve the bike boulevard crossing at Hennepin & 5th Ave.

Detour, Construction Cone in Biking Areas18th Ave SE

A bike boulevard and two-way bikeway on the east side of the street that connects Como Ave to NE Diagonal Trail.

Franklin Ave bike lanes

Adding bike lanes where none currently exist. The bridge over 35W will be done in 2018 and it would be timely to have this project happen then.

10th Ave Cut-Through

Make a bike path through the median between Lake and 31st.

29th closure at Midtown Greenway

The pilot closure has been a success, but the City hasn't yet said they will make it permanent.


Other planned bike lanes as part of repaving projects

38th St SW, Bloomington Ave far south, 42nd/43rd St SW, 60th St E


As you might already know, this year the Coalition will begin work with pedestrian advocacy, too! Because we are in the very early stages of beginning this work, we do not yet have a priorities list surrounding pedestrian needs in the city. As we delve deeper into this work, a priorities list will be developed. 

2016 Bikeway and Policy Priorities

Rendering of protected bikeways on Hennepin Ave

Working with our fantastic members, volunteers, and community partners, here are our priorities for bikeways and policies this year to make streets better in Minneapolis. 

Thanks to everyone who offered input in to our prioritization process--your input was very helpful and these priorities reflect what you told us should be the highest priorities--protected bikeways and work to advocate for priorities of low-income people who bicycle.  

Click on links below to learn more or visit our Projects page.

Protected Bikeway/Street/Greenway priorities:

  • Northside Greenway
    The planned Greenway demonstration is successfully installed, Northside Greenway Council makes a recommendation for design based on meaningful and representative community input, and progress for finding funding is initiated to fulfill the community's vision.

  • 3rd Avenue Protected Bikeway and Greening
    The City Council approves the redesign of 3rd Avenue in downtown, including the city's first planter-protected bikeway.

  • Hennepin Avenue Downtown
    The City Council approves a general plan for reconstruction of Hennepin Avenue downtown that makes it a more inviting street for people, including the addition of protected bike lanes.

  • Washington Ave Bikeway Extension. 
    Hennepin County and Minneapolis approve a plan to extend the planned (to open in 2017) Washington Avenue Protected Bikeway from 5th Ave S to the U of M campus in 2017.

  • University Ave SE Protected Bikeway. 
    Meaningful community engagement begins to plan the details of protected bike lanes in the University Ave SE/4th Street SE corridor as part of an upcoming street repaving.

Planned 2016 Protected Bikeways
(Click image to see interactive map).
  • 18th Ave NE Protected Bikeway.
    The final details of the design for 18th Avenue NE live up to the neighborhood's vision for a great bikeway.

  • South Minneapolis Greenway
    Support continued engagement around idea of a potential South Minneapolis Greenway. Note that supporting the community's final vision of the Northside Greenway remains our top greenway priority and the South Greenway will stay several years behind that project.
  • Hennepin and 1st NE Bikeway. 
    The community vision for Hennepin Ave and 1st Avenue NE includes a protected bikeway along with other improvements to make these street more people friendly.

  • Marshall Ave NE Bikeway. 
    Progress continues toward a plan to add a protected bikeway on Marshal Ave NE in the near future.

  • 11th Avenue S, Blaisdell Ave S, Franklin Avenue bridge, Broadway Ave NE protected bikeways. 
    Great protected bikeways open on 11th Ave S in downtown, Blaisdell Ave south of 31st Street, on the Franklin Avenue bridge to Riverside Ave, and on Broadway Avenue NE.
  • Protected Bikeways Funding for 2017. 
    The City Council adopts a 2017 budget with at least $1 million for protected bikeway implementation.

  • Hennepin County “Enhanced Network” Plan. 
    Hennepin County approves the “Enhanced Network” bike plan (read more about it on our blog), and provides additional funding for its implementation.

  • Olson Memorial protected bikeway. 
    Final plans for Olson Memorial rebuild as part of Bottineau Light Rail project include a great and connected protected bikeway.

Local Policy and Engagement Priorities:

  • Priorities of Low-Income People Who Bike. 
    We will do meaningful outreach and engagement to better understand the advocacy priorities of low-income individuals who bike. Based on this input, we will adjust our future priorities.
2015 Minneapolis Bike Week Elected Officials Ride
  • Equity & Bicycle Enforcement.
    We will work to improve bicycle-related enforcement issues from an equity perspective, including doing a report on police citations of people who bike and advocating as appropriate for changes to make bicycle-related enforcement more equitable.

  • Minneapolis Complete Streets.
    The City Council approves a nation-leading Complete Streets policy for Minneapolis, that helps ensure better streets for everyone and better community engagement around streets.

  • Improved Winter Maintenance. 
    The City of Minneapolis will implement an improved system of winter maintenance for biking and walking for 2017.

  • Minneapolis Comprehensive Plan and Access Minneapolis Transportation Plan. 
    These upcoming plans further prioritize biking and walking, as well as health equity.

  • Platinum Status Task Force.
    The City creates a task force to intentionally progress on bicycling in a number of areas so that we can compete to be a Platinum Bicycle Friendly Community by 2020.

State Policy Priorities:

  • State Biking and Walking Funding. 
    Significant dedicated biking and walking funding included as part of a comprehensive state transportation funding bill.
  • State Aid Standards Reform. 
    More flexibility is granted in the State Aid design standards to allow cities and counties to build more Complete Streets.

Other Bike Lane and Street Priorities:

  • Franklin/Cedar/Minnehaha Intersection Redesign
    The County builds a great final design for the second most dangerous intersection for bicycle crashes in Minneapolis (and one of the worst for walking as well) that will great improve safety for everyone.
In 2016 we will work to encourage new riders to try biking.
  • Franklin Ave bike lanes.
    Continue progress toward continuous bike lanes on Franklin Avenue by 2019.

  • Thomas Ave N bicycle boulevard.
    The City Council's capital budget includes building the Thomas Ave N bicycle boulevard.

  • 46th Street bike lanes.
    46th Street is repaved with bike lanes and a safer street for everyone.

  • Nicollet Ave S bike lanes.
    Nicollet Ave south of 40th is repaved with bike lanes.

  • 38th Street bike lanes.
    A meaningful step is taken toward bike lanes on 38th Street as outlined in recently created community vision.
  • Minnehaha Parkway at Lyndale.
    Plan is approved to connect the Minnehaha Parkway trail under Lyndale Avenue so that trail users don’t have to cross the street.

Photos by Matthew Weber.